posted: 05/12/2014

After a short break at the base, we hit the road again!
We are back from the 16 first shows of our new European campaign and we’d like to thank all the people who made this tour one of our best ever!
Thank you Lucien for the time spent behind your computer to book this tour and the long hours driving us. Thanks Yannick for your help and your historical knowledge.
We thank all the people who organized these shows and did their best to make us feel at home.
Thank you Shura and Nastya for your surprise visit!
We also thank the stray dogs, the Greek Gods and obviously all the people who came to see us and with whom we had a really good time.
On behalf of the Science, we give you the best regards.
We’re looking forward to seeing you soon and are glad to be back the road!
The Irradiates


posted: 03/09/2014

Our third album Revenge Of The Plants will be out soon on Productions Impossible Records and Dirty Witch (LP, CD, Digital).
After months of research, we will be pleased to present this new album on Wednesday 2nd of April at the Passager du Zinc, in Besançon. The day after we will head straight for a european tour crossing several countries like Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia… Some gigs should be added in the days to come. Then we will come back to play more shows in France, and in any countries that would welcome us!
Meanwhile, we invite you to watch the new album trailer concocted by Apollo 77:



posted: 12/12/2013

Last week we hit the snowy roads of Switzerland for the last gigs of 2013. Thanks to all the people who came to the shows and to those who have welcomed us in the best way possible!

We are still working on the release of the next record which is scheduled for the 20th of February. In the meantime we are happy to present the tune called Locked In The Chromatic Spectrum. This is the first video of this third album, shot in partnership with Le Bastion for Local Access.

Check it out and see you soon!



posted: 11/28/2013

Jim has returned to his lands since a while but we did some additionnal recordings after his departure. All takes are done and Mr Monroe can now deal with the mix in his studio.

Next saturday we will play at La Nef Angoulême for the second time this year alongside Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds and Marvin.


posted: 10/24/2013

We have been busy these last two days with the takes. We still have work to do but we feel happy with the work we have done until now.
The time has come to introduce the man at the helm for the new album. He comes from Los Angeles, where he runs his studio, The Racket Room. His name is Jim Monroe and did not forget to bring in more of the sun and the California coolness, some of its microphones in his hand luggage.
For this session he has a co-pilot, Yann, who welcomes us onboard at Cube Studio.


posted: 10/22/2013

"Do you want a Grammy?" ;)

That's what Jim said when we asked about the Kick Tunnel!

We started to set up for the record session for our next full length and will keep posting about it.


posted: 04/03/2013

Hafenklang, Hamburg! Three opportunities available to us: embark on a cargo ship for an unknown destination (preferably Scandinavia), integrate the football team of St Pauli and finish the tour with the Gees  next to Berlin. Stay tuned, we will decide after the show tonight...