posted: 02/25/2013

Single split with Hellbats will be out this week!!! One IRON MAIDEN song for each band, Artwork by Thom Visual Addiction, 500 copies on green wax! The band will play four shows with Hellbats starting from next wednesday, so get it at the merch stand or go to Productions Impossible Records online shop!


posted: 09/26/2012

As previously announced, The Irradiates will tour alongside old friends HELLBATS. Tour dates have just been added and are scheduled for the period of Halloween.

A split record with the bats should come on vinyl later, more information about that as soon as possible...


posted: 09/17/2012

The crew is back at the headquarter after the second trip in the East this year. Some difficulties have led to the cancellation of the gig in Bucarest.
Cancelling a show is something that we do not take lightly and we want to say hello and apologize again to the promoter and the audience who expected to see us this evening.

A big thank you to everyone who took care of us on this tour, babysitters at Z-Games and Koktebilly festival, friends who have traveled hundreds of miles to see us, all those who shared and spoke with us, without forgetting the organizers who have spent time to set up gigs and have made this adventure possible.

We will hit the road again this week, heading to Zoro Fest in Leipzig, and a new venue Le Moloco in Audincourt (flyer attached), can't wait! Some more shows with HELLBATS will be announced shortly, stay tuned.


posted: 08/19/2012

Second trip this year to Ukraine for the Scientist Surfers who are currently heading to the Crimean Peninsula in order to play at the Z Games and Koktebilly festivals.
Then the fellow surfers are going to go to Belgium (Liège @ Shamrock) and to UK for a final gig at the Black Heart in Camden, London.


posted: 05/24/2012

7000 kilometers, 16 dates in 8 different countries, a passeport and some computers stolen, the scientists are getting back to work. We've been analysing the samples from the far East for two weeks. 
Thanks to everyone involved in this expedition that took us to the confines of Europe and the Balkans. We are very grateful.
 The new line-up is getting back to work on next Monday and will introduce the newcomers to the Besançon audience. See you at the Passagers du Zinc for a night with The Obits from New York.


posted: 03/21/2012

You didn't believe the rumours and you were right : The Irradiates won't give up ! Science needs them and they need science! Two new members who have been suffering from radiation exposure for long too recently joined the Scientific Surf Rock Search Department. Guitarist Arno de Cea aka "the fifteen fingered man from Cestas" and Mister Poulpe "the octopod of the screaming acid farfiz" positively answered to the organization call. This new team will soon leave for another important mission : Crossing Europe to get to the vast lands of Ukraine where many radiation reports are waiting for them. Of course, this won't be done without a few shows here and there because rock music finances science ! Far from the tourist trips and the "sea, sex and fun" image, the five surfers from the tiny particle are not going there to have a blast... They are getting ready for the tough strain of kilometers, but they are also stamping their feet when thinking of crossing through the Carpathians !


posted: 01/17/2012

Hawaii Samurai will reunite for only 5 shows as their first album "Let There Be Surf" is out these days for the first time on vinyl on Productions Impossible Records.

So Dick Den's and Buanax are leaving tomorrow until the end of the week for the following shows :

01 / 18 / 2012: Sélestat @ Le Tigre
01 / 19 / 2012: Geneva @ L'Îlot 13
01 / 20 / 2012: Besançon @ La Rodia
01 / 21 / 2012: Lyon @Le Clacson
01 / 22 / 2012: Chalon sur Saône @ La Péniche

Be there!

More info at: