posted: 10/05/2011

A new song recorded and to be released on a Productions Impossible Records compilation.
Go to the data release page for a preview...


posted: 06/05/2011

A Cosmic Trip Festival #15 opening full of radiations, as pictured the day after in the local newspaper "Le Berry Republicain".
A two song video from this show available in the data section.


posted: 05/19/2011

Macst will hold the bass with the LOST BOYS (Early Hardcore from Lyon - Fr-) for their "I Hate Tourists" European Tour:

MAY, 02nd 2011 - METZ w/ Thrashington D.C.
MAY, 03rd 2011 - LEIPZIG, DE
MAY, 04th 2011 - PRAGUE, CZ
MAY, 05th 2011 - ZILINA, SK
MAY, 06th 2011 - BARDEJOV, SK
MAY, 07th 2011 - UZHGOROD, UA - Crash Test Fest.
MAY, 08th 2011 - KHMELNITSKY, UA
MAY, 09th 2011 - CHERNIHIV, UA
MAY, 10th 2011 - ODESSA, UA
MAY, 11th 2011 - CHISNAU, MD
MAY, 12th 2011 - BUCAREST, RO (Canceled!)
MAY, 13th 2011 - off (Balkan Sea)
MAY, 14th 2011 - ISTANBUL, TR
MAY, 15th 2011 - PLOVDIV, BG
MAY, 16th 2011 - SOFIA, BG
MAY, 17th 2011 - VOLOS, GR
MAY, 18th 2011 - PATRAS, GR
MAY, 19th 2011 - ATHENS, GR (Canceled!)
MAY, 21st 2011 - SKOPJE, MK
MAY, 22nd 2011 - DRAVOGRAD, SL


posted: 03/14/2011

Mr Buanax & Macst, drummer and bass player from The Irradiates will be the rythmic section on Scott Deluxe Drake And The World's Strongest Men next tour.

As founder, lead singer and songwriter of The Humpers, Scott “Deluxe” Drake spearheaded the street rock and roll revolution of the early 1990’s.After creating a huge buzz in the Los Angeles area, Scott and The Humpers signed to indie giants Epitaph Records and took to the road for the next five years, spreading their raunchy gospel all across America and Europe. The Humpers inspired young musicians in such far-flung lands that 2007 saw the release of a Humpers’ tribute album in, of all places!

Scott Deluxe
The Humpers:
Gee Strings:

En concert les :
17 Mars 2011 - KARLSRUHE (D) - Alte Hackerei
18 Mars 2011 - STUTTGART (D) - Zwölfzehn
19 Mars 2011 - BOLOGNA (I) - Vecchio Son
20 Mars 2011 - TORINO (I) - United Club
21 Mars 2011 - LYON (F) - Le Trokson
22 Mars 2011 - MARSEILLE (F) - Entropy
23 Mars 2011 - TOULOUSE (F) - La Dynamo
24 Mars 2011 - RENNES (F) - Mondo Bizarro
25 Mars 2011 - PARIS (F) - La Java
26 Mars 2011 - REIMS (F) - L'Appart Café
27 Mars 2011 - BESANCON (F) - Les Passagers Du Zinc


posted: 02/21/2011

After a show in Paris and a journey in Belgium for Tournai's Divers Rock festival, we had a stop for an interview and a live song videoshot at Subrock studios!
Watch them in the "data release" section or at


posted: 01/20/2011

"Pilot by microwaves" videoclip is now available, you can watch it online on our website's data page. Thanks to all our friends & partners who made this possible, and big extra thanks to Videolab for his work and patience.