lost transmission of the remote outpost

The Scientific Surf Rock Research Departement dug into its database and found 10 rare and unreleased songs recorded by The Irradiates during their first decade of existence. From last minute sessions fixed on the road to album bonus recorded by Steve Albini and Jim Monroe, and live tracks featuring Mike Palm (Agent Orange.) The band offers us a wider range of their sonic experiences, whether they use analog or digital. You’ll also find some liner notes about each song in this gatefold. Scientific surf rock will never die!

revenge of the plants

Productions Impossible Records & Dirty Witch present The Irradiates’ third album: Revenge Of The Plants

audio mental manipulation device

11 scientific surf rock tracks for the second and brand new full length of the band !
First vinyl edition pressing : 1000 copies on white wax coming with free MP3 downloads of the full album !!!
Available on CD.

first radiation

First Album : 10 explosive tracks and weird instrumental parts from the last nuclear assault !
10 inches vinyl with CD included. Just… LISTEN AND OBEY !